Apakon Putnok

Apakon Putnok

Research and development strategy trader


Apakon Putnok

Research & Development of trading strategy

R&D of trading strategies in the crypto markets, who developed the Fusion Rebalance strategy to provide liquidity to investors ports. That faces high volatility market conditions in the Crypto market and causes capital gain from market volatility. It is based on the Rebalance strategy that most people know. Personally, I have been fond of and interested in Blockchain technology since I was 18 years old, starting with Bitcoin mining. At present, knowledge Cryptocurrency and Blockchain About data and risks in the Crypto market via social media channels

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Cash flow investment idea

  • 9 October, 2022
  • 06:35 - 07:05
  • Hall 5-6 Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre