Freddy Lim

COO, FMEX Football Metaverse Founder, Hungry Hamsters Club


Freddy is an entrepreneur, musician and designer. From his first venture in design and fashion in 2004, Freddy has immersed himself with building businesses with a key requisite in mind – Passion; and that is exactly what drew Freddy into the web3 space.

Freddy came back from Japan in early 2022, working previously on Regional Revitalization efforts on Awaji Island. Since then, he has fully thrown himself into the industry head-first and has 2 upcoming projects launching in Q4 – Hungry Hamster Club and FMEX Football Metaverse.

The Hungry Hamster Club is a manifestation of Freddy’s passion for art and its focus revolves around artists, their works, and art toys.  It is an NFT collection founded and designed by him, which integrates both digital and physical collectibles to build its own IP.

This year, Freddy has also taken on the role of COO of FMEX, a football gamefi metaverse that involves several high profile soccer and anime IP collaborations into one overarching covenant. Besides being the face of FMEX, Freddy also acts as the Art Director of FMEX related product launches.

Being in such a collaborative space, Freddy’s vision is to contribute and connect different projects and their creators; to carry out his mission of 3 Es – To Educate, Encourage and Empower. Come join in Fred’s presentation as he shares not just about GameFi, IPs and web2 conversions, but also his story about passion and influence in web3.

All sessions

Game-fi with IPs

  • 7 October, 2022
  • 06:35 - 07:05
  • Hall 5-6 Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre